Analyst: March Event to Intro Apple TV SDK, iTV Launch in Fall

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Apple may be preparing a March event to introduce Apple TV-related developer tools, according to a note Wednesday from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, first reported by MacRumors. The event is not expected to introduce the much-rumored Apple television hardware, but its reported focus on an SDK for the current Apple TV platform is expected to act as a prelude to an eventual “iTV” launch.

Apple iTV Rumor

From the note:

Channel checks indicate Apple has a product event in March that is Apple-TV related (possibly an iTV SDK introduction). We think a Sep/Oct iTV launch is being targeted.

Mr. Misek’s note follows rumors today that Apple is preparing to purchase German luxury TV maker Loewe and news from last week that the Cupertino company had hired an OLED TV expert from electronics firm LG.

Rumors of an Apple television date back as far as 2008 and have ebbed and flowed as Apple has diversified its product line over time. More recently, rumors of an “iRadio” streaming music service and “iWatch” have supplanted “iTV” discussion in most circles.

An initial opening of the current Apple TV set-top box to third-party developers would help build momentum toward an eventual iTV launch. An Apple TV-focused App Store has been rumored since late 2010, although interest subsided in 2011 upon the introduction of AirPlay mirroring, which allows most iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps to be displayed on a television connected to an Apple TV.

As for an eventual iTV hardware product, Mr. Misek predicts that Apple will launch televisions in the 42-to–55-inch size range with prices starting at approximately $1500. Such a price represents a significant premium over current television prices for that size range and may be the reason that Apple is focusing on third-party developers well in advance of the product’s announcement.



I get that people are excited about Apple disrupting yet another space, potentially bringing us a better way to view TV content and/or use TVs.  But there’s no way I’m paying $1500 for a TV.  Anyone else?  Yeah, I’m just cheap.  I got a LG 32” online with Black Friday deals in 2011 for under $300 and I’m very satisfied with that.

What I’m most interested in is:
- AppleTV API that I can use with my existing 2012 AppleTV
- Something similar to or disruptive of Netflix, Hulu, and buying episodes on iTunes.
- Streaming my iTunes purchases from the internet to my AppleTV, so it’s easier to access them from the TV without making sure my computer is on. Then I could also take the AppleTV box with me to watch TV on vacation.

I can already get content on my AppleTV and my Mac, I just hope that maybe Apple could improve on that process.

What I do not want:
- Very expensive TV that costs even more than existing expensive TVs
- Monthly service fee, I already reject paying a huge service fee for cable. I don’t have a Netflix or Hulu account either, but I keep an eye on those services because I might decide their small fees are worth it.  If Apple has something with a small fee that is worth it then I’d consider it, but my consideration might reach the same conclusion of “not yet”.


I would be very happy if the truth in this rumor is that Apple is finally opening the AppleTV to third party developers. I still think the idea of an Apple LCD TV is complete nonsense. If Apple does in fact make a TV I’ll be convinced that Tim Cook has lost his marbles and will sell all of my stock immediately.

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