Apple Cancels Some Developer Tickets for WWDC

Some developers have been reporting that their tickets for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference were canceled by Apple on Wednesday afternoon. Aaron Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch and Cabel Maxfield Sasser of Panic both tweeted that Apple had canceled tickets to the event, telling them that they weren’t eligible.

WWDC was announced early Wednesday morning and sold out in less than two hours. As of this writing, we don’t yet know what prompted the company to cancel the tickets for either developer.

In the case of Aaron Hillegass, he tweeted, “I just got an email from Apple ‘Because you are not eligible to buy it, we are canceling the WWDC ticket you bought this morning.’ What?!”

Cabel Sasser tweeted that, “I bought five tickets, and four were just cancelled. Don’t get me started.”


Aaron Hillegass Tweet

Both developers are the real deal, and are known within the Apple community. Their cancellations could be a mistake, might have been sparked by a technicality, or could be something about the developer accounts used to purchase the tickets.