Apple May be Moving Into the Social Networking World

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Apple's rumored upcoming iTunes 9 release is said to include some form of social networking integration, according to Boy Genius Report. If so, it may signal an intentional move on Apple's part into an area that's dominated by names like Twitter and Facebook.

Apparently iTunes 9 will include some form of Twitter, Facebook and support. Now the rumor mill is saying the new feature is just a step in Apple's move into the social networking world and that the company plans to release its own social application at some point, too.

This new application is said to work similarly to OneConnect from Yahoo! and will link to several networking services. It will also let users share information with friends about the song they are currently listening to, and share music on a local network.

There's no word yet on if this alleged application is for the Mac, the iPhone and iPod touch, or if there will be Desktop and mobile versions.



Moving into this arena would be so overcommitting their resources. Partnering with FB and T would make much more sense. If you can’t handle the App Store, what makes you think you can handle the coding nightmare that is a social networking site?

Stick to your strengths. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

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