Apple's iWatch to Launch with Multiple Models, Sensors this Fall

Apple's rumored smartwatch will launch in October, and will be available in multiple sizes and models. That's according to insider sources claiming to be privy to the iPhone and iPad maker's plans.

Those sources said the iWatch will include more than ten built-in sensors for tracking health and fitness, according to the Wall Street Journal. That's in line with previous reports claiming Apple's wrist top device will include health tracking gear, and makes for a nice pairing with the HealthKit features built into this fall's iOS 8 release.

Apple showed off iOS 8 during it annual Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month. The new version of the iPhone and iPad operating system will include a unified interface for monitoring health and fitness tracking devices, an interface for managing home automation gear, the ability to jump from device to device and continue to work on a single document, and more.

A report from yesterday backed up the October launch time frame and added the device will sport a 2.5-inch curved display. Along with health and fitness tracking, the those sources claimed the iWatch would also display notifications when users have incoming phone calls, text messages and email messages.

As if there aren't enough iWatch rumors already, G4 Games said the device was ready to go, but manufacturing has apparently delayed while awaiting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. That report lists blood pressure, heart rate, and blood glucose sensors to offer far more detailed information than other health and fitness trackers.

Assuming Apple is waiting on FDA approval, the iWatch will be more than a casual step tracker and heart rate monitor. The FDA approval process can be time consuming, and submitting the device to the agency implies Apple expects it to be used as medical device with highly accurate readings.

Apple isn't talking about what it has planned for the wearable fitness market, but the rumors have become consistent enough to imply that it includes a wrist-top system shipping in October. Companies like Samsung have been hoping to take the market before Apple ships, but so far haven't been able to produce compelling products or lock in customers.