Bloomberg Backs Up Wearables Announcement at Apple's Sept 9 Event

First Re/code said Apple will unveil its wearables product line at its September 9 media event along side the iPhone 6, and now Bloomberg has sources backing up those claims, too. Apple is hosting a special media event on the 9th at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, where it also introduced the original Macintosh computer.

Apple to unveil iPhone 6, wearable device on September 9Apple to unveil iPhone 6, wearable device on September 9

Apple has been expected to host an iPhone 6 launch event in early September for some time, but word that it could be a mega event where a whole new product line gets introduces as well is cropped up only in the past few days. Considering Apple is building a large structure next to the Flint Center hints at very big announcements coming.

The invitation Apple sent to The Mac Observer and other sites that cover the tech industry included the line "Wish we could say more," but didn't offer up any other hints as to what is planned for the media event.

Bloomberg didn't reveal who its sources are, but did say they were "knowledgable of the plans."

Apple has been hiring health and fitness sensor experts, high tech fabric designers, doctors, and other specialists in the wearable technology market for at least the past two years. Analysts expect Apple to introduce a smartwatch-like device that tracks fitness-related activity, then transmits that data wirelessly to our iPhones.

The only hints Apple has given about its plans for the wearable market come from executives saying the company is interested in our wrists, that this will be a huge year for product announcements, and that it is entering into a new market. With the media event confirmed, and the mystery structure under construction, it's likely September 9 will be a very big day for Apple.