Google, Samsung can't Top Apple's Unreleased Apple Watch

What's the most sought after wearable tech device? That would be the Apple Watch—a device that isn't even scheduled to ship until some time next spring. Apple's unavailable smartwatch beat out Google, Samsung, and Fitbit as the wearable device people most want to buy, according to a study by Ipsos MediaCT.

Poll shows consumers are more interested in Apple Watch than shipping wearable devicesPoll shows consumers are more interested in Apple Watch than shipping wearable devices

In an online poll conducted by the research firm, 62 percent of respondents said they were interested in buying wearable tech from Apple, while 44 percent said they wanted products from Google, and 43 percent were looking to Samsung. Fitbit trailed behind in fourth place with 31 percent.

"Consumers are looking for a product that seamlessly integrates across devices. Easy connection and integration with smartphones, laptops and tablets is essential," said Ipsos MediaCT vice president Julia Roland. "With this, comes the issue of brand confidence and reliability."

She added that consumers want a brand they can trust, and syncing with their smartphone is critical, too. That connectivity must be seamless to keep consumers happy, and apparently that's exactly what they expect from Apple Watch when it ships.

Apple Watch will mark Apple's move into the wearables market. The wrist top device will include sensors for tracking fitness activity and heart rate, along with wireless connectivity to the iPhone, incoming email and message alerts, the ability to reply to messages, support for third-party apps, and more.

Along with its functionality, Apple Watch will offer some fashion features, like two different display sizes, multiple body colors, interchangeable bands, and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Fitness monitors were the device of choice for more than half the survey respondents, a smart watches trailed close behind. About 44 percent were interested in high tech jewelry, and even less wanted high tech glasses.

Based on the poll results, consumers are interested in easy to use, reliable, and good looking wearables, and they think Apple can deliver. In contrast, Google's attempt to own our faces with its smart glasses, and Samsung's efforts with its Galaxy smart watches seem to be falling flat with consumers—and those are products consumers can get ahold of today.

Fitbit's fourth place slot shows the interest in fitness trackers is high, but its products may not be as enticing to consumers as Apple Watch because the company chose to forego Apple's HealthKit platform. That decision has many consumers feeling like Fitbit's products don't play well with the iPhone, or aren't easy to use integrate with other fitness and health tracking devices even though the company has supported its own cross-device platform for years.

For wearable device makers, the news likely comes as an unwelcome blow because consumers won't be spending as much on their products this holiday shopping season. Instead, many consumers will be waiting until spring to buy an Apple Watch, and that's money Apple's competitors won't be dropping into their bank accounts.