Apple Watch 4 Display Wins Prestigious Award

Apple Watch4 Infograph, Walkie Talkie, and SOS screens

The Society for Information Display (SID) named the Apple Watch Series 4 one of its displays of the year Wednesday. It said the LTPO OLED display is the “defining feature” of the device.

Apple Watch4 Infograph, Walkie Talkie, and SOS screens

Praise for ‘Striking’ Apple Watch Display

SID gives the award to displays that demonstrate significant technological advances and outstanding features. It said that the Apple Watch Series 4 display was “striking” and “seamlessly integrates into the thinner, smaller case while the new interface provides more information with richer detail.”

Other products given the accolade include Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ modular microLED display and Sony’s Crystal LED Display system. Dr. Wei Chen, Chair of the Display Industry Awards Committee for SID commented: “This year’s winners reflect the breadth and depth of recent product development and technology innovation necessary to support the relentless pace of consumer and industrial electronics evolution.”

SID is a professional organization focused on the electronic display and visual information technology industries. Those working in the research, design, manufacturing, applications, marketing, and sale of displays can be members.

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