More Tablet Glass Photos: Scale Backs Up 10" Speculation

We have received more photographs from a source claiming that they are of the glass that will be used for Apple's as-yet unannounced tablet. This time, however, we get a little scale in the image, and that scale shows the glass to be large enough for a 10" device.

We considered this relevant because the shape of the glass if very suggestive of an iPhone, and several readers commented that the lack of scale in the image made it difficult to understood how large the glass is in the photo we first published January 11th.

We received two new photos today, the first of which shows the glass sitting on top of a MacBook Pro's keyboard. The trackpad is the rectangle below the glass at the bottom of the image.

The caveat is that we still have not been able to double source the photos, but we trust our source.

Apple is holding a media event on January 27th, and the company is expected to announce the long-rumored tablet device at that time, though the company itself has not said what it will be announcing that day.

[UPDATE: We believe we've found where this glass is being used.]


Possible Tablet Glass on white