No New MacBook Pro Until Fall, but it’ll be Really Cool

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If you're holding out expecting Apple to introduce a redesigned Retina MacBook Pro at Worldwide Developer Conference in June, get ready for some disappointment. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says we'll have to wait until this fall, and what we'll get is a thinner, faster laptop with an OLED touch surface instead of traditional function keys and Touch ID.

No new MacBook Pro until fallNo new MacBook Pro until fall

The new MacBook Pro is expected to take its design cues from the MacBook, which means a noticeably thinner body and USB-C ports. It's also expected to sport Thunderbolt 3 ports and will stick with its traditional 13-inch and 15-inch screen sizes.

Apple will stick with LCD technology for the laptop's display, but keyboard's function keys will be replaced with a touch-sensitive OLED display strip. The new model will also include a Touch ID sensor, much like the current iPhone and iPad lineup, for unlocking the device with your fingerprint instead of a traditional passcode.

Worldwide Developer Conference is Apple's annual event for OS X and iOS developers, and seems like the perfect venue for introducing new pro-level laptops. It's looking, however, like that won't be the case this year in part because of Ming-Chi Kuo's report, and the fact that we haven't seen any parts leaks yet. Considering WWDC is only a few weeks away, we'd typically see something by now.

It's possible Apple has managed to keep the new laptop completely under wraps, just as it did with the redesigned Mac Pro. Considering the Mac Pro is a low volume seller for Apple, and design and production was handled internally, it was relatively easy to keep the new model secret. That's not the case with the MacBook Pro—it's a much higher volume seller, and production is outsourced—so keeping it secret would amount to something Apple hasn't been able to manage before.

The bottom line is that the closer we get to WWDC without any parts leaks, the less it looks like we'll get a new MacBook Pro announcement. Thanks to this new analyst report, it seems we'll be waiting until fall, but what we're getting will be pretty impressive.

[Thanks to Seeking Alpha for the heads up]

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Lee Dronick

When it does come, will it be available in rose gold? smile

The other day I was looking at the new MacBooks and I like the gold, it maybe the color of my next one. The rose gold was a bit much for me.


FWIW: Apple Insider is reporting big discounts on iMac 5k and 3.1GHz 13” MacBook Pro at Adorama and B&H Photos. Often these sales are indicate new machines are coming soon. Yibada posted just such an article today. So is Ming-Chi Kuo correct?


I fear you are correct.
But I believe the KGI story said 4th Quarter and Apple’s fiscal 4th Quarter is July to September. I’m hanging onto that hope for a while.


Forgive the off-topic post but it seems HP is now promoting the serviceability of their hardware. An article on iFixit ( confirms the reality and in my view implicitly asks the rhetorical question: “Why doesn’t Apple make their products serviceable?”

Lee Dronick

  “Why doesn’t Apple make their products serviceable?”

I suppose the size, the thinness, makes it hard to take them apart and put them back together. Also though, how often does one need to service them?


Lee D:  how often does one need to service them?

Fair point: Apple uses higher quality components than most PC’s, so there is probably less occasion to open them. But it just takes one time to drive repair costs way up.

OTOH, Laptops can be light without having to be so thin. I don’t understand Apple’s near-obsessive compulsion for thinness, which probably necessitates so much glue being used in their products.

Lee Dronick

I agree Buck, they can make things too thin. I get the light weight that comes with the thinness and I am getting tired of dragging around my old MacBoo Pro with its DVD drive and all, Make the gadgets thick enough for a good grip.


Also though, how often does one need to service them?

I’m not interested in replacing a power supply or motherboard but being able to add RAM or update the HDD/SSD would be nice.

Old UNIX Guy

Over the years I have had the following Mac laptops:

15” PowerBook G4
15” MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo)
15” MacBook Pro (Core i5)
13” MacBook Pro Retina

For the first three we bought them with the “default” amount of memory and then 2 or 3 years into their life upgraded the RAM.  Worked great.  The way it should be.

But now I’ve got the 13” rMBP.  And while overall it is the best laptop I’ve ever had, we were forced to go ahead and buy the 16 GB RAM upgrade at purchase time to “future proof” it.  Ugh.  That ticket me off, but I’m sure Apple could care less because we bought it anyway.  That’s all that matters, I guess.  It doesn’t matter to them that we bought that not because it was the thing we wanted, but only because there were no better alternatives.

I know many people are looking forward to the new MBP’s based on the Skylake processors coming later this year.  Me, I’m very anxious about it.  I’m worried about what Sir Jonathan Ive is going to take away from us next in his never ending quest to force on us his idea of good (but very impractical (I’m talking about you, Mac Pro)) design.

I’m sure the new laptops will be thinner and I could care less about that.  I’m actually just hoping at this point that I live long enough to see what Apple does when the laws of physics makes it literally impossible for them to shave another irrelevant millimeter off the “thinness” of the laptops.

And I wonder how much better off we as Apple users would be if Scott Forstall and Bertrand Serlet were still with the company and Jony and Craig Federighi were not…


And I wonder how much better off we as Apple users would be if Scott Forstall and Bertrand Serlet were still with the company and Jony and Craig Federighi were not…

Good point. The current staff is all about form over function while Pro Systems really should be about function over form.

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