Oppenheimer: iPhones get Used More than Android Phones

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iPhone owners tend to use their smartphone more every day compared to Android device users. So much so, in fact, that iPhone users are spending 53 percent more time using their device every day compared to their Android-toting friends.

Apple's iPhone gets more daily use than Android smartphones.Apple's iPhone gets more daily use than Android smartphones

That 53 percent figure came from Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer during the company's fourth fiscal quarter earnings report Monday afternoon. Mr. Oppenheimer said the higher usage statistic was because, "A great customer experience translates to higher usage."

He added that the iPhone currently boasts a 92 percent customer loyalty rating and a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating.

The numbers seem to show that iPhone owners really are pleased with their smartphones, or at least that they're able to figure out how to use them as part of their daily lives.

Apple reported US$37.5 billion in revenue and $7.5 billion in profit on 33.8 million iPhones and 14.1 million iPads sold. The quarter included the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, although no new iPad models since the iPad Air and Retina Display iPad mini don't go on sale until November.

The company's quarterly earnings report is still underway, so be sure to follow along with The Mac Observer's ongoing coverage and analysis.

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Make something that users think is easier, and it turns out they use it.




That 53 percent figure came from Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer during the company’s fourth fiscal quarter earnings report Monday afternoon. Mr. Oppenheimer said the higher usage statistic was because, “A great customer experience translates to higher usage.”

I have to wonder how many cheap, white-label, “feature-phone-like” Android devices play into these usage statistics. Much like in the 1990s with Windows powering cash registers, mere market share numbers don’t paint the whole picture.


Really? How does Peter know? There are many more Android sales every day than iOS devices - (most not Samsung/Nexus quality, granted) so it kind of reeks of another defensive stab into Android - apparently for no reason as iOS devices seem to roll on nicely.

Lee Dronick

Cuda, yes I would be interested in seeing how he came with that number. Maybe a part of it is based upon website statistics, the OS used to read a page. Anyway, the Android users that I know use them mostly for making phone calls, the Facebook app, and taking photos and videos. I don’t much see them use photo and video editing apps, word processors such as Pages, and such.

Sidebar.  I know that you like classic autos. Last weekend I saw a gorgeous ‘54 Cheverolet Pickup. The model with the three rear windows, two them wrapped around the side of the cab.


I wasn’t able to listen to the call so I don’t know, but I suspect that the usage statistics were from industry monitors, not Apple’s own numbers.

Do you know, Cuda? If not, then how about you find out first.

Or do you prefer the “Ready, fire, aim” approach ??

When you find the source, please let us know.


That’s my point. My friend hikes Topanga every weekend with his Nexus 7 and uses the 3D Compass and app to play back a 3D breadcrumb trail of his hike later - shows elevation and “speed” of his walk along the path with photo terrain - pretty cool.  Also he a writer, so he’s reading and composing (with small usb keyboard) on the Nexus - none of this is “on the cloud” or web so it amuses me that Peter can assume his stats - I’d like to see if it’s just web traffic or use within the “cloud” because there must be a lot people using the Nexus as my friends does - but Peter wouldn’t know it!!
  Hey Lee, I’m not a Chevy fan but that would make a GREAT shop truck, I was a year old when that ‘54 came out. I know-I’m a fossil. Tremendous MOPAR show this past weekend at Woodley Park down here - awesome ‘Cudas,Challengers, Road Runners, DeSotos. Imperials etc. But, I dye grass.





It humors me whenever something negative on android gets posted, the android fans immediately jump to either themselves or ‘a friend of theirs’ who uses android in such a way that proves that the negative item just isn’t true.  Been used with fragmentation (to the point where android fans deny there is a fragmentation issue), NFC (“I’ve used it in 2 or 3 places, so it’s a success”), and a host of other items.  But, the averages don’t lie, and even though some who post here (or their friends) are extreme users of android devices in a successful way, it is obvious (at least to me) that fragmentation is a serious issue for android, NFC is not succeeding in its current form, most android devices are low-end junk, and malware continues to cause issues for the average android user.

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