New Research Underlines iPhone’s Strong Market Position

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Apple celebrated announced a record-breaking quarter this week, in no small part driven iPhone sales. Other bits of research released Thursday and Friday highlighted just how strong a position the firm holds in the smartphone market.

China Pushes iPhone Growth

Research from Counterpoint highlighted that iPhone shipments increased 8 percent year-on-year, and a staggering 96 percent quarter-on-quarter in the last three months of 2020. It shipped 81.9 million units during the quarter, give in 21 percent market share and putting it in top place ahead of Samsung for the quarter (Samsung still had the biggest market share for the year). Senior Research Analyst, Harmeet Singh Walia said:

There was a large pent-up demand for 5G phones, especially within the iOS base. China accounted for ~40% of the total 5G smartphones shipped in CY 2020. Apple’s entry will be a strong influence in driving 5G adoption outside China in 2021.”

Meanwhile, Canalys highlighted Apple’s progress in China. The company shipped over 15.3 million units in Q4, capturing 18 percent of the market, a three percent increase from the same quarter in 2019. “Apple had a great year in China, where full year shipments finally returned to the 2018 level, driven by both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. Apple recorded its highest quarterly shipments in China since Q4 2015 when iPhone 6S was launched,” Research Analyst Amber Liu said. “Apple’s launch of iPhone 12 series in China coincides with Huawei’s struggle, its only rival in the high-end segment, whose flagship Mate series shipped fewer than 4 million units in Q4. However, Apple has not relaxed its market promotions for iPhone 12. Aggressive online promotions across ecommerce players, coupled with widely available trade-in plans and interest-free installments with major banks, drove Apple to its stellar performance.

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