Samsung’s Latest Mobile Innovation: Pink Gold

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Samsung spun up its creative thinking engine again, and this time a new color for its Note 5 smartphone/tablet crossover popped out: rose gold pink gold. Samsung plans to start shipping its rose gold pink gold Note 5 on October 23, which coincidentally is the same day the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus—available in rose gold—will be available in several more countries.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 5: It's pink gold, not rose goldSamsung's Galaxy Note 5: It's pink gold, not rose gold

Samsung's innovative new color will be available only in South Korea, but the company is talking about releasing the rose pink colored Note 5 in other parts of Asia at some point.

Samsung has had a pretty consistent track record in the smartphone space ever since the original iPhone was introduced. The company's smartphones and tablets bear a striking resemblance to Apple's products, although Samsung executives insist they've been coming up with their designs independently of whatever Apple releases.

That led to a string of patent infringement lawsuits around the world where both companies accused each other of copying designs. Apple was the overall winner in those cases, most notably with its landslide victory in the U.S. courts where Samsung was ordered to pay over US$900 million in damages. Samsung lost its appeals on that ruling and will most likely take its fight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Companies respond to their competition all the time, so seeing new products designed to better compete with Apple's iPhone and iPad lineup is par for the course. In the case of Samsung, however, it comes across as blatant copying—so much so that the running joke is that you only have to look at Apple's latest mobile device announcements to see what Samsung is doing next.

The real surprise here isn't that Samsung followed Apple's lead and introduced a pink gold color option for the Note 5; it's that it didn't happen sooner.

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Now that Samsung has pink gold out of the way, it get get right on designing the Note 5 with four corner speakers and support for the soon to follow Samsung PenSil pressure sensitive stylus.

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What’s the bet that iPhone 7 will be available in South Korea on release day?

Just to stop this sort of shenanigans.



I’m surprised that you (and the courts, and the press, and increasingly more pundits) think that Samsung are copying Apple. Where’s the evidence? Thankfully, there was at least one UK judge who begged to differ (although he now works for Samsung, but let’s not digress).

This is not, as you argue, blatant copying. No. This is merely a series of unfortunate coincidences. In every instance, Samsung execs have valiantly striven to point out that they had these designs independently. Samsung execs cannot be held responsible if Apple recklessly rushes their products out there first. Samsung just want to get it right, is all. For the consumer, you understand. In fact, Apple are probably just trying to get their stuff out there before Samsung. Kind of like, in anticipation of the real rollout. You see what I’m saying?

Besides, what other colours could a smartphone be except black? Or grey? Or white? Or silver? Or gold? Or rose/pink whatever? That’s just what a smartphone is supposed to look like.

So there.

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