Sprint iPhone Sales Flat Year-over-year

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Sprint's first fiscal quarter earnings report is out, and the cell service provider said it activated 1.5 million iPhones during the quarter. That number is down compared to last quarter's 2.2 million activations during the holiday season, but is inline with year-over-year numbers.

Sprint quarterly iPhone sales hit 1.5 million43 percent of those 1.5 million iPhone activations were for new subscribers, which is also in line with Sprint numbers from a year ago.

Compared to the company's fourth quarter in 2012, iPhone activations are down. The company reported 2.2 million iPhones for that quarter with 38 percent going to new customers.

Total smartphone sales for the first fiscal quarter hit 5 million units and 86 percent of the company's quarterly postpaid handest sales were smartphones.

In comparison, Verizon reported last week it sold 4 million iPhones during the quarter, which was also down compared to the previous quarter where 6.2 million iPhones were sold. Compared to the carrier's pre-holiday quarter sales, however, activations were up form 3.1 million.

Sprint also reported US$7.1 billion in revenue, up 9 percent year-over-year. Losses for the quarter totalled $643 million, down from the year ago quarter's $863 million. The carrier also lost 560,000 subscribers.

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In looking at the various providers, t-mobile offers a better deal. Two lines for $80 and no contract. 2GB of high speed will cost another $20. The data is unlimited but gets throttled down to 2G speeds at 500MB and 2GB respectively.

The reason for checking is that we just moved to central Florida which gives us more options than the area of Maine that we were in. We are on AT&T grandfathered on a plan that is not unlimited anything at a cost of about $100 before regulatory fees.

That has to be affecting these other providers. AT&T better respond or they may be losing one long customer.


Sprint is flat because there service is slow, there stores refuse to do anything related to customer service. There motto is the tail light guarantee, once you buy it they don’t give a crap about you anymore.
How is T-Mobile any better if there unlimited plan gets throttled down at 500mbs? That’s not unlimited either.


It is unlimited for data; the speed drops down to 2G at 500MB or 2GB depending on the plan. You can also choose a fully unlimited plan. Right now my AT&T plan for data is 200MB with a charge of $15 for each 200MB overage. Fairly simple to see how t-mobile is better. AT&T does have other plans; but they would cost over $125/month for our 2 phones. We can easily use the 500GB plan for $80/month since we don’t go over the 200MB plan we have now.

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