Taptic Engine Issues Behind Apple Watch Shipment Delays

The delays in shipping Apple Watch pre-orders looks to be tied one supplier's defective Taptic Engine parts. AAC Technologies Holdings reportedly delivered large numbers of the vibrating motors that are failing, leaving Nidec as the only part supplier able to get reliable parts to Apple.

Defective Taptic Engines causing Apple Watch shipment delaysDefective Taptic Engines causing Apple Watch shipment delays

News of AAC's production issues comes via insider sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal. They said watches built with AAC's Taptic Engine component have been scrapped instead of shipping to customers.

Apple launched pre-orders for Apple Watch on April 10 and within minutes delivery dates had been pushed out several weeks beyond April 24 when the first orders were set to arrive. Apple has been delivering watches, and some of those early orders set for May and June deliveries are already arriving.

The Taptic Engine is a critical Apple Watch component because it's the part that creates the sensation of someone tapping you on the wrist. If the part doesn't work properly, one of the smartwatch's key features is hobbled.

Nidec has been ramping up its production to meet Apple's needs, but there still aren't enough parts getting out to allow for in-store sales. For now, Apple Watch sales are limited to the company's website, and you won't likely see orders placed now for several weeks.