Ballistic’s Tough Jacket For iPad 2: Rugged Protection

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Ballistic prides itself on producing tough, rugged cases for any number of electronic products and the Tough Jacket for iPad 2 fits into those criteria.


Tough Jacked case for iPad 2

The case, which is available in black/black and black/red, is composed of three layers. Layer one is an inner silicone layer which absorbs any shock. Layer two is composed of impact resistant hard plastic, and layer three is shock absorbent polymer. There are also thick, shock absorbent corners that are a trademark of Ballistic.


Tough Jacked case showing back option

The outside piece can be removed without diminishing the shock absorption features. It contains a flat kick stand that can be raised to hold the iPad 2 in vertical or horizontal positions. The iPad can safely lay flat without the screen touching a surface. The Tough Jacket case has an MSRP of US$69.99. I found it on Amazon for US$37.50. 

Using the product

For a rugged case, it is very easy to insert and remove the iPad 2. The inner layer is so flexible that it takes only moments to securely encase the iPad. The middle layer then fits over the back of the inner layer and the third layer clamps on to hold everything tightly in place. It also provides two handles that can be used when using the iPad in horizontal position.

It is no more nor no less bulky than many other protective cases and it is fairly lightweight. Although I did not drop my iPad 2 to test it out, I do feel that it would be very protected in this case. The kick stand is nice and wide and gives good support to the iPad while in the case.

The Tough Jacket for iPad 2 will not work with the new iPad 3rd generation.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It’s not particularly pretty, but for those who want good protection, pretty is not usually an issue. I particularly appreciate the fact that it is easy to insert and remove the iPad 2, a feature that is often missing from high protection cases.

Product: Tough Jacket for iPad 2

Company: Ballistic

List Price: US$69.99



Rugged iPad 2 case provides good protection. Easy to remove and insert iPad.


None noted.

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Nice review, Nancy.

I have never, for whatever reason, opted to get a protective case for my iPad(s), despite my hauling them all over the planet into some fairly miserable locales. If I did, however, the Ballistic case would likely be one of my choices.

I switched to using their iPhone case not long after I had purchased one from Otterbox. What sold me was superior protection for vulnerable areas, specifically the speakers, which the former did not protect, as well as a more convenient headphone jack port protection system and lower price point than the Lifeproof case, even if it is not as well water-rated (I don’t plan to dive with my iPhone, but unplanned submersion in Monsoon-created floods is a real possibility).

While I cannot vouch for the iPad case, I can say that their high-end iPhone case is outstanding, and perhaps best in overall value for money.


Not a criticism Nancy, but I’m wondering why you chose to review an accessory for an iPad 2, rather than “the new iPad.”

Nancy Gravley

Not a criticism Nancy, but I?m wondering why you chose to review an accessory for an iPad 2, rather than ?the new iPad.?

Because lots of people still have iPad 2s.  They will be around for a long time.  Everybody I know who bought a new iPad and had a 2, passed their 2 on to someone in their family.

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