Evutec's S Series iPhone 5/5s Cases Are Sleek And Strong

The S Series iPhone 5/5s cases are designed with a combination of components that result in strong, sleek, and attractive protection.

Evutec's S Series cases with wood finish

These cases are offered in two designs. The first has a top layer of bamboo or ebony wood. The second has a top layer of DuPont Kevlar in black/gray and black/red. The cases have an MSRP of US$39.95 and are available from the Apple Store

Appearance and Sturdiness

The S Series cases with a wood finish are composed of multiple layers of real veneer, topped with a scratch resistant finish. Under the veneer is a layer of DuPont Kevlar fibers. DuPont’s Kelvar is lightweight, but very strong material with five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis. The case does not bend and fits extraordinarily tight. There are not properties that will block GPS, WiFi, or cellular signal. The wood finish S Series cases are 0.9 mm thick.

The Karbon S Series cases with the Kevlar finish has dual fused layers of Kevlar. This design is identical to the wood finish cases with the exception of its thickness which is 0.7 mm.

Ease of Inserting and Removing the iPhone

The iPhone 5/5s easily snaps into the S Series cases. The cases do not bend or flex which makes it easy to use the snap feature. However, I found it extremely difficult to remove the cases from my iPhone. In fact, I could not do so. A male colleague with large hands and good strength was able to remove the cases with a bit of effort. The very composition that provides such thin strength, also creates the problem of easy removal.

Using the Case

The Kevlar composition allows these cases to be very lightweight. The case fits the iPhone 5/5s perfectly with all the necessary openings for buttons and ports. There is enough lip on the front of the case to allow users to safely place their phones face down on flat surfaces without scratching. iPhones can be charged without removing these cases.

Packaging and Warranty

The S Series cases come in a hard cardboard box with a hanger on the top. The wood style cases have peekaboo window with a hole that allows potential buyers to feel the wood surface. The Karbon series cases come in an enclosed hard cardboard box with a hanging option on the top. The cases offer a limited warranty.

Do I Recommend It?

If scratch resistance and lightweight are primary considerations when purchasing an iPhone case, then this case has several things going for it. In addition to protective coating and weight, the cases are very attractive, well made, and reasonably priced, and I do recommend them.

If you frequently have need to remove your case, then this case is probably not your best option.

Product: S Series iPhone 5/5s Cases

Company: Evutec

List Price: US$39.95



 Strong and sturdy, scratch resistant, attractive finish, and reasonably priced.


It's very difficult to remove this case from iPhone.