OtterBox’s Defender iPad 2 Case: Rugged Protection

The OtterBbox reputation for making tough protective cases for electronic products is well known and well respected. With the recently created Defender Series of cases, the company expanded its line to offer a sleeker, more urbane style to include iPad 2 customers.

Defender Series iPad2 case - inside view

This case utilizes multi-layer technology and is designed to withstand almost any environment. However, it doesn’t protect against water. Although very lightweight, it is composed of three parts plus a cover. There is an inner polycarbonate shell with a foam interior and a durable silicone skin. The outer shell is also high quality polycarbonate.

Defender Series iPad2 case - back view

The outer shell of the case, which snaps on the top after the iPad is loaded in the case, can be removed and flipped over to create a stand that can be used for viewing or typing.

Defender Series iPad2 case in viewing and typing modes

The Defender iPad 2 case is available only in black. The MSRP is US$89.95 although I found it online at prices starting at US$49.00.

Using the product 

This really is a substantially sturdy case and it is very lightweight. Although somewhat bulky, it is not unreasonably so and what little bulk there is is worth it to anyone who needs the level of protection provided. There is a process involved to install the iPad 2 in the case. You must take apart the three layers of the case and then put them back together properly. Wisely, Otterbox has a tutorial on YouTube that demonstrates the process. Watching it will give potential buyers a good overall feel for the case.

The shield is very easy to put on and remove, and the built-in stand raises and lowers with a simple pull. The stand works only in landscape mode.

Do I recommend it?

I recommend it for anyone who needs a high level of protection for their iPad 2 and also wants an attractive case. This is not a case that one can switch in and out of quickly and frequently, but if your priority is protection, then you should seriously consider Defender Series iPad 2 case.

Product: Defender Series iPad2 Case

Company: OtterBox

List Price: US$89.95



 A substantially sturdy case, it is very lightweight and provides good protection.



The user must take the case apart and put it back together again to install the iPad.