Speck CandyShell Case for iPhone 5: Smart & Colorful

The Speck CandyShell Flip case for iPhone 5 packs a lot of features into a slim, colorful case. A flip-back panel allows docking without removing the case and also makes it easy to insert the iPhone. There are nine two-tone combos to chose from.

This case looks deceptively simple at first. Then you begin to notice the details.

  • A flip-back that allows the phone to be inserted securely, and doubles as a kickstand.
  • The flip-back design also allows the edge to have a good wrap-around bezel that protects the iPhone if placed face down.
  • A soft inner layer that keeps the iPhone from geting scratched.
  • A soft but strong, pliable design that offers good protection thanks to two layers. (A patented design.)
  • Nine different multi-color designs to chose from.

Speck’s lettering on this case isn’t nearly as obnoxious as it is on the FabShell case. Unlike the FabShell cases which have a soft, fabric-like, textured feel, the CandyShell cases are smooth, supple, and grippy. (Note, there are several different cases in the “CandyShell” line. This one is the CandyShell Flip.

The material used for this case has a great feel, and seems grippy enough. However, Speck also has the CandyShell Grip line with added ribs.

Using the Case

The soft inner liner makes it a bit difficult to slide the iPhone into and out of it. But with a little effort, one can get the hang of it. The flexible, plastic waistband/hinge looks and feels like it will be reasonably durable.

Like most all cases these days, there is a blackened edge around the camera aperture to absorb glare/reflections. Again, like the FabShell, the volume up and down buttons are not marked with “+” and “-”. This may also be one of the lightest single layer cases I’ve tested.

The one I was given for review is “Raspberry/Dark Raspberry/Peacock, and must be very popular because when I looked, it was out of stock. Speck’s website has feature that allows you to be notified, via email, when the case is back in stock. The website photo doesn’t quite reflect how bright and reflective these colors are.

This case is totally allergic to lint and dirt and just keeps on looking great, no matter how you handle it or where it’s been. (My desk is usually rather messy. And cat hair abounds.)

Flip-back folds away to serve as kickstand or allow access to a dock.


I wasn’t able to assess the packaging because this case was sent along with some others in a simple plastic bag. No screen protector is supplied. The warranty is Speck’s standard: one year.

End of the Line

For me, the primary benefit of the flip-back is the ability to insert and remove the iPhone properly. If you need to insert the whole assembly into a dock, that’s great too. Or you can just use the flip-back as a stand for a FaceTime session.

I loved the grip, texture and strength of this case. It stays clean and there’s a color combo for everyone. My only complaint is that, like all the Speck cases, it seems about US$5 more expensive than it should be, compared to other cases I’ve reviewed. But, in the end, the design, protection and color choices may persuade you otherwise.

Product: CandyShell Flip

Company: Speck Products

List Price: US$34.95



Flip-back design is multi-role, great color combos, terrific texture and grip, soft inner lining for protection that avoids iPhone scratches. Good wrap-around bezel.  Easy on and off.


Slightly more expensive than the competition.