The Times They Are A Changing - So Keep Up.

OK, my friends. It’s time for some plain speaking among the bifocals crowd. We have to get with the program. Too many of us are holding back, getting set in our ways, becoming down right intractable. It’s not good for our image. Let’s not encourage the fuddy-duddy word. 

If you are still using Panther because you can’t afford to upgrade or get a new (or newer) Mac, that’s one thing. But I don’t want to hear “I can’t give up Panther because my favorite game only works on Panther.” This statement is usually followed by a complaint that no one teaches, writes about, or offers help with Panther. 

Those who fit this description need to ask themselves why they are not upgrading. It can’t really be one game can it? There are a bazillion games available for the Mac now. A similar game to the one you love can be found and if it is on a more advanced OS, it will probably have more options and be more fun. And how much are our operating systems costing today? US$29? 

I use Panther as an example because I know four or five people who still use Panther because of games, but the same can be said for the operating systems that followed Panther. A game is not a legitimate reason to not upgrade your Mac. 

Out of date, out of style, out of time

Fear of learning a new operating system is not a legitimate reason not to upgrade your Mac. Unless you live somewhere where you are the only Mac user in the known universe, you are going to have other Mac users who will help you. In fact, get involved with your local Mac User Group and you’ll meet all kinds of people who will be happy to help you. It’s the Mac way.

If you do live somewhere where you are the only Mac user in the known universe, search the Net for training videos. By now there are dozens available for all the Mac operating systems. 

Here is another one I hear all the time. “I’ve always used XYZ application to accomplish this task and it is the only thing that works. It won’t run on (Snow Leopard, Lion, etc.)”

You are most likely correct—it won’t run on the new operating systems. In the cases with which I am familiar the software is no longer made or supported. So find something else that will accomplish the same task.

I don’t know anything you can do on a Mac that doesn’t have several application options available. Download trial versions and see what works best for you. If your “old stuff” doesn’t transfer because you waited too long to address this issue, then suck it up and save it the best way you can and just move forward. Chances are, if the old stuff is really valuable, you can find a professional who can help you transition. 

Don’t turn that expensive, lovely Mac into a typewriter, or something you use for email. There are so many options available to those of us fortunate enough to have Macs. And remember, bear the standard for those of us in the bifocals crowd. We can do as much or more than those kids who never had to survive with one party-line phone in the hallway. They don’t know what tough is.