How to See the Hidden Categories of Netflix

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Looking for movies on Netflix just about baseball? Deep sea horror movies? Martial arts movies? Mashable has posted a nifty article about how to access the master list of several hundred specific categories that may be more to your liking than the default ones displayed. Check it out.

Science Confirms Women’s Pockets are too Small

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woman with iPhone in pocket

If you’re a woman you’re probably familiar with the tiny pockets of your clothing. Science has now confirmed what we already know: women’s pockets are too damn small.

“If you’re thinking ‘But men are bigger than women,’ then sure, on average that’s true,” the site adds. “But here we measured 80 pairs of jeans that all boasted a 32 inch waistband, meaning that these jeans were all made to fit the same size person.”

Got a Smartphone Addiction? You Can Get Help

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Smartphone addiction has slowly become more prevalent in our society. Companies like Apple and Google have built new features like Screen Time to help you manage how much time you spend on your phone. 

Numerous studies confirm that smartphone addiction is a problem because phones compel us to use it more often, and more disruptively, than we’d like. It can affect productivity, relationships, quality of life, and happiness.

23 More Prince Albums Now on Apple Music

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Prince albums streaming on Apple Music

Thanks to a deal between Sony and Prince’s estate, 23 of his albums that previously haven’t been available for streaming are now on Apple Music. The collection includes albums Prince released between 1995 and 2010. Variety says,

The recordings, which include such popular albums as “The Gold Experience,” “3121” and “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic” as well as a new 37-track compilation called “Prince Anthology 1995-2010,” had been largely unavailable for many years. All are now available across all major streaming services and digital service providers. Many of these albums are available for the first time for streaming and download, adding more than 300 songs to the artist’s online in-print catalogue.

You can find the albums on Apple Music in the Music app on your iPhone or iPad, or in iTunes on your Mac.

Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera: $49.99

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Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera

We have a deal for you on the Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera. This doorbell sticks do your doorframe and takes a photograph when someone rings that bell. It’s a Wi-Fi device that transmits its data to an indoor receiver, which then communicates with your iPhone or Android app. It’s $49.99 through us

Moto P30 Indistinguishable From iPhone X. Seriously?

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Moto P30 next to iPhone X

Okay, it’s part of the Asian culture to copy popular products. This has been happening in the car industry for decades. But this Moto P30 just about duplicates the iPhone X design. But come on. Really? Seriously? This is over the top. (Image credit: BBC News.)

How to Break Spaghetti in Half Like a Physicist

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In 2005, scientists confirmed that dry spaghetti noodles never break cleanly in half. Instead they tend to split into three or more pieces. If you’ve ever cooked spaghetti you’re probably familiar with having little bits explode all over the kitchen. But it turns out that there is a way to break spaghetti cleanly in half. Famous physicist Richard Feynman once spent a night with a friend snapping pasta to figure out what was happening. He never solved it, but it inspired French researchers to try, which earned them a 2006 igNobel prize. The secret? Twist the noodles hard like you’re wringing out a washcloth. To understand why, they used a high speed camera that recorded the shattering pasta at a million frames per second. The twist prevented the two bent strands flexing back quite as forcefully as an untwisted strand, and the untwisting motion released some of the stored energy in the spaghetti, further reducing the likelihood of a second fracture.

How to Break Spaghetti in Half Like a Physicist