Apple Vision Pro Finally Eyes Global Expansion 3+ Months After the US Launch

Vision Pro Spatial Persona

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch its mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, in international markets for the first time, 11 months after it was first announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. 

The company is currently training employees from markets like China, Japan, France, and Germany, which could mean that these regions will be among the first to get the Vision Pro. This international push comes after China approved the device for sale earlier this week.

Training sessions for international staff mirror those held before the US launch, indicating Apple’s focus on showcasing the Vision Pro’s capabilities to customers, which can be around 30-minutes long

However, Apple faces the challenge of replicating early US interest. Demand in the US has reportedly slowed down, with some stores selling just a handful of units per week. Customer demo appointments have also seen a significant decline, as per Bloomberg.

Even though Apple might finally be planning to launch outside the US, several reports have suggested in recent times that people are losing interest in the product because of how much longer they have to wait for it. 

A more affordable Vision Pro model is reportedly being considered, but reducing production costs is proving difficult. There are also no plans for a successor before late 2026.

Overall, Apple’s global launch of the Vision Pro indicates confidence in the technology’s potential. However, the company must address the high price point and develop a more compelling app ecosystem to ensure the headset’s success in both new and existing markets.

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