M4 OLED iPad Pro Has an HDR Bug, But Apple Promises Fix On The Way

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Apple’s new iPads are now out of embargo, and we can finally read the top reviews. While the new iPad Pros are receiving praise for their display and powerful processor, a new report from iMore highlights a bug with HDR content, saying that certain shades of blue on the OLED iPad Pro are causing colors to appear inaccurate.

The publication spotted that certain shades of blue cause HDR highlights to overexpose and look almost as bright as white, and this issue is mainly happening with particular shades of blue, including navy and indigo. The issue is visible only in specific situations and doesn’t happen on other OLED devices like the iPhone 15 Pro.

M4 OLED iPad Pro Has an HDR Bug, But Apple Promises Fix On The Way
Image Credits: iMore

“We’ve encountered a replicable issue during our time with the 13-inch M4 iPad Pro that causes a strange presentation glitch when watching some HDR content,” wrote iMore. “HDR highlights are blown out on certain blue shades including navy and indigo to a point that they almost appear white on the screen. The best way to spot it would be to look at a character wearing a navy blue shirt — the creases appear to shimmer, like a spider’s web placed over the surface; at other times it appears like an inky blob morphing over it,” it further explained.

Apple told the publication that the company is aware of the issue and is working on a software update to fix it. However, Cupertino didn’t mention any timeline, and there isn’t any mention of which operating system they could be on. It’s likely to be iPadOS 17.4 because iPadOS 17.5 just came out on Monday.

That said, iPadOS 17.5 release notes don’t seem to mention any clue about any HDR content bug in OLED iPad Pro, so the fix will likely arrive with iPadOS 17.5.1 or any iPadOS 17.5.x update. 

The latest OLED 2024 iPad Pro models will be reaching customers starting Wednesday. Since Apple has recognized this bug, it’s probably a software problem. Thus, it’s recommended not to panic but wait for the software update to be released.


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