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iPhone XS Tests Far Better Than iPhone X in LTE Speeds

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Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

At PC MagazineSascha Segan has compared LTE speeds of the iPhone X to XS, and the latter is substantially faster. “The new iPhone XS and XS Max use an LTE modem that we’ve never seen used anywhere else: the Intel XMM7560. The 7560 is Intel’s first modem to support all four US wireless carriers, letting Apple drop Qualcomm, the world’s dominant high-end modem supplier.” However, ” … it still doesn’t quite match the Qualcomm X20 modem used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.” This is good stuff.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Former Apple Software Engineer James Dempsey

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James Dempsey on Background Mode

James Dempsey worked at Apple for fifteen years before setting out on his own in August 2011. As a software engineer at Apple, he worked on iOS, Aperture, and macOS releases Leopard through Lion, including half a decade on the Cocoa frameworks team. He’s the founder of Tapas Software, developer of iOS and Mac software. We talked abut his “aha” moments in life starting with his college roommate’s Mac Plus in 1986. His dream to work for Apple was eventually fulfilled in 1996, and James described what it was like to be an Apple evangelist in those days. But James is also an accomplished comedian, vocalist, ukulele player and has a published album. He’s also routinely written special songs for WWDC each year. If you ever wanted to work for Apple, this show is must listening.

Comparison of iPhone X and iPhone XS Video

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Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

It takes a lot of work to photograph or video identical scenes when comparing iPhone cameras, so I appreciated this very nice article comparing iPhone X to XS video. Also, here’s a snippet that has been widely overlooked: “Both the XS and XS Max can now record audio in stereo, which adds another layer of depth to recordings. By contrast, all iPhone models up to 2018, including the iPhone X, recorded sound in mono.” Have a look.

YouTube App for iOS Gains HDR Support

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Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

I’m interested in all things UHD/4K/HDR, so this caught my attention. Previously, YouTube’s iOS app didn’t support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video on Apple’s three OLED iPhones. That means HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Now it does, so here’s link to more details. Note that Apple’s new LCD iPhone, the iPhone XR, will also support HDR video playback, according to Apple’s specs.

The Origins of macOS: Steve Jobs and NeXTSTEP

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It’s easy to forget where and when macOS had its earliest origins.  Its tumultuous path had its earliest start with Steve Jobs at NeXT. “NeXTStep was developed primarily by Avie Tevanian. The coder previously worked on the Mach microkernel, a supercharged version of UNIX, at Carnegie Mellon University. Jobs convinced Tevanian to join NeXT instead of taking what, in the short term, would have been a far more lucrative job at Microsoft.” This is a nifty, concise history of how it all started.

A Migration Guide for macOS Server Users

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macOS Mojave on MacBook Pro

Apple has modified macOS Server, and with Mojave upon us, it’s good to know about the changes Apple has implemented. Here’s a link to the Apple Migration Guide. From the intro: “macOS Server is changing to focus more on management of computers, devices, and storage on your network. As a result, some changes are coming in how Server works. Beginning in the spring of 2018, several services will be hidden on new installations of an update to macOS Server. Then in the fall of 2018, new installations and upgrades of macOS Server will require you to migrate most services to other software.”

TMO Background Mode Interview with Technology Journalist Ryan Faas

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Ryan Faas on Background Mode

Ryan Faas is a technology journalist and author who has been writing about Apple, business, enterprise IT topics, and the mobile industry for over a decade. He also spent a large portion of the past 15 years in the systems/network engineering and IT management fields as an IT director and systems administrator. He’s worked for MTV Networks as well as being a former Apple Genius. Today, he is also a Contributing Writer for Computerworld. We chatted about how he became such an expert in enterprise matters as well as knowledgeable in multiple OSes. He told me why the wireless carriers decline to push Android updates as often as Apple, and he filled me in on what really going on with macOS Server. Finally, Ryan also predicted when Apple will go to ARM processors in the Mac.

Remembering Charles W. Moore

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I am not so pleased to report that a venerable, distinguished member of the technical journalist community has left us: Charles W. Moore. The link below has the story of his work, achievements and battle with illness. I am, however, pleased to say that I had the honor of working with him at Applelinks as well as MacOpinion [both now defunct] in the late 1990s. I remember Charles as an exceptionally hard worker and an incredible champion of all things Apple. He always amazed me. And he continued to do amazing work after that. He will be missed. [Photo credit: Elizabeth Sheppard.]

Astronomers Discover a Star Trek Vulcan-like Planet

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Vulcan planet

“The Dharma Planet Survey, in a new study led by University of Florida (UF) astronomer Jian Ge and team including Tennessee State University (TSU) astronomers Matthew Muterspaugh and Gregory Henry, has shown that science fiction may be a little less so; the Dharma project has discovered what may be Star Trek’s famed planet Vulcan.” Or something close to it. Concept image via UF.

A New iPhone and New Apple Watch Set Up Guide

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iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3

So you’re getting a new iPhone soon. And maybe a new Apple Watch as well. Getting your devices properly set up can be confusing, so John has put together a new iPhone and new Apple Watch set up guide to make sure everything goes smoothly.

10 of the Most Interesting, Oddball Exoplanets

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“Exoplanets are planets that lie beyond our own solar system.” Thousands have been discovered to date, in our galaxy, by various means. However because they are so far away, many light years, no telescope can (yet) image them well. Even so, it’s possible to deduce certain general properties. Here are 10 of the strangest— descriptions along with artist illustrations to spark our imaginations.

10 of the Most Interesting, Oddball Exoplanets

TMO Background Mode Interview with Early Apple Podcaster Victor Cajiao

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Victor Cajiao on Background Mode

Victor Cajiao was born in Havana, Cuba, grew up in the U.S. and became well known in the Apple world for several different podcasts. He’s an Apple tech geek as well as a musician (saxophone) and hobby photographer. Victor told me the story about how he came to the U.S. via a special initiative started by President Kennedy. The fascinating story continues as he eventually worked his way into a job with AT&T rising to the level of IT Technical Director. He also told me the story about how he fell in love with the Mac and then launched his podcast, The Typical Mac User. Victor recently retired from AT&T after 26 years and now travels the U.S. in his Airstream trailer. Recently, he’s been sighted at Macstock, doing terrific demos of Mac technologies.

How the Newest Safari Browser Blocks Ad Tracking

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Security Week/AP writes: “New privacy features in Apple’s Safari browser seek to make it tougher for companies such as Facebook to track you.” This is a short, very readable summary of how Apple’s Safari is evolving to better protect your privacy. “The changes come Tuesday as part of the iOS 12 update for iPhones and iPads and a week later in the Mojave update for Mac computers.”