How to Kill Some Time…

I feel like I’ve spent more time waiting in lines lately—a side effect of the pandemic, I suppose. And don’t get me started about travel delays.

I hate waiting and have a short attention span. So, I never leave home without something in my pocket to distract me should I have to wait in a line somewhere.

In the old days, that meant carrying a paperback book, Sony Walkman (remember those?), or iPod, in case I found myself somewhere with time to kill.

These days I rely upon either my iPhone or my iPad to amuse myself if I have time to kill. Give me an iPhone and earphones, and I can entertain myself for days (or at least for as long as the batteries last).

So, here are a few of my favorite things to do when I find myself with time to kill.

Books, magazines, newspapers, and audiobooks

I love to read and can amuse myself for hours (or even days) with nothing more than a book, magazine, or newspaper. I use a handful of apps to ensure I never lack interesting reading matter.

The Libby, by OverDrive app is my favorite, enabling me to check out books, audiobooks, or videos from the library. I probably spend more time using Libby to fill downtime than any other app. The best part is that the Libby app is free; the second-best part is that you’ll never incur a late fee.

The Apple News app is my other go-to app for reading material. I subscribe to Apple News + ($9.99 a month), so in addition to the free news content (and there’s a lot), I can read articles from more than 300 top newspapers and magazines. And, since News + is part of our Apple One Premier subscription, I share it with five family members along with Apple TV+, Arcade, iCloud+, Music, and Fitness+, all for $29.99 a month.

I also like to kill time by listening to podcasts or audiobooks, which can distract me for hours (or days) as long as I remember my earphones or in the car listening via Bluetooth.

And Podcasts…

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with Apple’s Podcasts app (bundled with iOS), I prefer the Overcast app, which does everything the Podcasts app does and more. Best of all, it’s free (though I gladly pay $9.99 a year for a “premium” subscription to eliminate ads and support future development).

Word Game (Not Wordle)

Finally, my go-to timewaster when I’ve only got a few minutes to waste is Words With Friends 2, a spelling game I’ve played regularly since 2010. Words With Friends is a lot like Scrabble™ (so much so that I’m surprised Hasbro hasn’t sued them). Challenge me to a game if you’re a word nerd (like me); my player name is boblevitus.


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