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Episode #182

I love using the Apple Pencil with my iPad Pro, but I seem to misplace it all the time. The thought of replacing it for $99 causes my heart to skip a beat every time. You’d think Apple, with its legendary attention to detail, would include a place to stash the Apple Pencil. But you’d be wrong. There’s no place to store it on the iPad Pro, and no place to store it on Smart Keyboards, Smart Cases, or Smart Covers, either.

I hated looking for it every time I wanted to use it, so I set out to find a solution. that didn’t cost too much. Along the way I learned that I’m not the only one who misplaces his Apple Pencil. A cottage industry appears to have sprung up and I found at least two products designed specifically for Apple Pencil, plus a less expensive generic solution that may be the best of them all.

SwitchEasy’s CoverBuddy: An Apple Pencil Holder & Case

The first thing I tried was SwitchEasy’s CoverBuddy, a case with an Apple Pencil-sized holder on its backside.

The pencil holder snaps on and off and includes an exchangeable faceplate (not shown) for times when you want your CoverBuddy to be flat.

When the holder is attached it elevates one of the long edges of the iPad slightly, creating an angled “sketch board” mode. I can’t draw but I still found it pleasant for both sketching and typing. I like it enough, in fact, that I’m still using it today. But at $39.99 for the 12.1-inch iPad Pro or $29.99 for the 9.7-inch, CoverBuddy is pricier than the other solutions. Finally, if you already have a case, it’s probably overkill.

RadTech’s PencilClipz: An Apple Pencil Clip for the Lightning Port

RadTech’s PencilClipz is a multi-use clip for Apple Pencil. It slides easily onto the pencil. With a Lightning connector-sized protrusion on one edge, it slides into the iPad’s Lightning Port when you’re not using the pencil.

Apple Pencil holder PencilClipz
RadTech’s PencilClipz multi-use clip inserted in the Lightning Port of a 9-7-inch iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard.

Made from tough and shatterproof Polycarbonate, it’s easy to put on (or remove), but you’ll probably want to leave it on—it not only prevents the Apple Pencil from rolling on an inclined surface, and also includes a nifty pocket clip for carrying your pencil in your shirt pocket like a real geek. At $7.95, it’s a bargain.

RadTech’s PencilClipz up close and personal.

An inexpensive elastic loop pen holder for your Apple Pencil

Finally, a friend suggested I try an inexpensive elastic loop pen holder, the kind favored by reporters, waitpersons, and bartenders since time immemorial. These little self-adhesive loops affix your pen or pencil securely to a notebook, journal, planner, calendar, or order pad. I found some on for $8.25 a pair, so I gave ‘em a try and liked ‘em a lot, especially for the price. The only thing about them is they won’t stick to a naked iPad or to cloth or textured covers. That being said, they stick nicely to leather, plastic, and other smooth materials.

elastic loop Apple Pencil-saving solution
This little elastic loop may be the best pencil-saving solution of them all.

One last thing: All three of these solutions work fine with a Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover.


CoverBuddy. SwitchEasy. $39.99 for 12.1-inch iPad Pro; $29.99 for 9.7-inch. 

PencilClipz. RadTech. $7.95. 

Pen Holder Stick-On Elastic Loop. DayBook Studio. $8.25. 

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