If You Were Waiting, Which Mac Laptop Did You Buy?

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

We know a lot of people were waiting for Apple to launch new MacBook Pros before buying one. What we’d like to know, though, is if that includes you, which machine did you actually buy? Tell us in the Twitter survey we’re running.

Check It Out: If You Were Waiting, Which Mac Laptop Did You Buy?

4 thoughts on “If You Were Waiting, Which Mac Laptop Did You Buy?

  • I am in agreement with Rick Allen, I did not order a new MacBook Pro. I have a 2014 15″ MacBook Pro that I maxed out at the time. I was prepared to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro if the new machine offered enough of a difference between my current laptop and the new one, but that is unfortunately not the case.

    I think if a person has a MacBook Pro before 2012, then the new 2016 MacBook Pro is still a good choice for them because of all of the laptop improvement since then. For example, my mother has a 2011 13″ MacBook Pro, and she is considering a new entry level 15″ MacBook Pro. That level of upgrade with be a significant difference for her considering the larger retina screen and SSD alone.

    I was hoping that if the new MacBook Pro did not have enough of a performance difference for me, then there would be desktop Macs for me to choose from. Sadly, we are all left in the dark on desktop Macs.

    I am seriously concerned about the Mac Pro because when Apple announced it a WWDC in 2013 it did not begin shipping until that December. So they had no problem back then giving 6 to 7 month advanced notice about upcoming Mac desktops, why can they not give a 3 month notice now (unless there isn’t one).

  • I waited six years, and this was what they offered? I bought a Surface Pro 4. My first non-Mac where I didn’t intend to just play and experiment with and convert to a Hackintosh. It’s running Win 10, and I’m loving it!

    Here’s something I realized not too long ago, while waiting for the new MBPs, and pondering this whole lame touch interface in Windows (it’s not that bad, but I like using “lame” in conjunction with Windows) ;-)— namely that, while a full-on-touch interface is nice (I’ve got iPads and Android tablets), the truth is, what I really was wanting was a computer that could do double-duty with a touch interface when i needed or wanted it. So I could use it with the keyboard and trackpad (like at this very moment), or hold it on my lap, and use the stylus to do handwriting input if necessary, and just treat it like a tablet overall when I wanted as well. My primary “work” interface is as a computer, but most of my consuming is done as a tablet, and then, the lameness of the touch interface is not so important. Also, there are things I do do professionally where the touch and pen interfaces would be quite handy, and it works well in that capacity as well.

    I think that this is what Apple is missing–that many people would be willing to put a touch interface in a subordinate position, while still operating as a desktop system. In fact, there are lots of tiny, little things that could be done to make it even more touch friendly, without really changing the core–things like making larger touch surfaces in browsers (Edge already does this), and making the menus also just a tad larger. I did this in Windows by modifying the font size–tiny little difference, but huge effect.

    In any case, were Apple to do this, it would honestly be a whole lot better!!! And I would buy it, even if it cost what todays MBPs cost and more. 😉

  • I just placed an order, it will arrive next Tuesday.
    I ordered a 27″ iMac.
    I just looked at the prices, the features, and most importantly how I was using my Mac and realized that with a little tweaking to my workflow I could get better specs, better performance, at far less money with an iMac. This just accelerates the drift toward using my iPad for portable work a bit.

  • I know its not the point of the question, however I do think a viable option is None after the last announcement. I personally am sticking with my Maxed out last generation i7 15 inch MacBook pro at this time. I was really looking forward to this generation, yet am taking a pass at this time.

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