Apple Store App gets More Personal

Apple Store App gets More Personal

Apple rolled out version 4.0 of the Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad on Friday. The new version offers up product recommendations based on the Apple devices you already own, lets you know if accessories are compatible when you scan them in-store, and makes it easier to keep track of which Apple products you own. The redesigned app better highlights in-store workshops and reservations, and it’s easier to sign up for both. iPad users get some love, too, thanks to the app’s new support for Slide Over and split screen views. The Apple Store app is a free download.

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One thought on “Apple Store App gets More Personal

  • This app update has removed the shortcut to making a Genius Bar reservation, now you click on favorite store -get help-what can we help you with? On and on, can’t find make a reservation till yet. On the plus side they recommend a new silicone case for my iPhone; isn’t that special!

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