Blue Microphones announced Compass, a microphone boom arm that’s big enough that it can even support a Yeti, as shown in the pic. Made from extruded aluminum, Compass features a desk clamp for mounting, and the arms have both internal springs and built-in cable management. With the right mount or shockmount, Compass supports mics that weigh up to 2.4 pounds, including the above-mentioned Yeti, as well as Blue’s Blackout Spark SL. It will, of course, support other mics, including podcasting favs Heil PR 30 and PR 40, as well as the Rode Podcaster, all three of which weigh less than 2.4 pounds. Blue’s Compass boom arm is priced at $99.99, and it’s available now. There’s also a Yeticaster Bundle, which includes Blue’s Yeti, the new Radius III shockmount for Yeti, and Compass, for $199.99.

Check It Out: Blue Microphones Launches Compass, a Boom Arm Big Enough Even for a Yeti

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  1. geoduck

    For much of the article I thought you were speaking figuratively. I mean like “It’s so solid you could hand an actual yeti on it”. Apparently there is a Yeti Mic. I did not know that.

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