iPhone Addiction, Shenanigans with Kelly, Why TV Rocks/Sucks – Pop.0 Ep.32

In this TMO video podcast, Bryan Chaffin and John Kheit are (quite unbelievably) joined by the illustrious Kelly Guimont and discuss iPhone addiction, Shenanigans with Kelly (watch John shove foot directly in mouth). They also talk about why TV rocks, or sucks if you’re wrong, like John. They cap the show with a couple of show picks. (WARNING NSFW: PROFANITY & RANTS)

Check It Out: iPhone Addiction, Shenanigans with Kelly, Why TV Rocks/Sucks – Pop.0 Ep.32

2 thoughts on “iPhone Addiction, Shenanigans with Kelly, Why TV Rocks/Sucks – Pop.0 Ep.32

  • Very true that it’s going away slowly. That said, I could see multiple apps doing a better job, apps, can I dream here, that respect and do not nuke your data and honor where you set your data. So you could have a …./Media/Apps ../Media/Music ../Media/Books ../Media/Movies etc. folder system you set. All in one nice tidy place you can easily see get to, and you just point each of the apps tailored to do its own thing into that hierarchy.

    Back So iTunes could be all about playing your purchased music. You can have TV.app that can handle your purchased TV shows, movies. AppleMusic.app that deals with subscription music. An IT.app that would let you wrangle, sync albums/playlists/data from your hard drive/whatever, update all your devices. Then have a single AppStore.app that can buy apps for mac/iphone/ipad/etc.

    And thanks for the heads up and your thoughts. I think reasonable people can disagree as to best solutions, but reasonable people can agree that Apple is far from them with regard to iTunes (aka destroyer of user data).

    Thanks G!

  • Thanks for the credit. Menu Bar looks to be an interesting podcast.

    I absolutely loved my iTunes media library – podcasts, books, movies, television shows, music, music videos, even iOS apps. All in one place, easy to manage, easy to backup. Absolutely adored it. That’s been decimated in recent years, of course, but the design has improved and if the functionality (and files) were there, I’d be a happy camper.

    Maybe my library wasn’t big enough to strike some issues, but I’m a plastic disc person and enjoy putting content into my media library (2 TB these days, with reduced content). I’m not a fan of the cloud and downloading or streaming to get content – because that stuff is one rights deal away from going-away, whether you’ve paid for it or not! Yes my books are in Books, but I don’t know where those files are stored, could probably find out, but it gets messy chasing down all the places data can be. I’m forever downloading purchased books I’ve downloaded many times before, but they keep disappearing, with just a pointer to the cloud.

    I like controlling what music is on my phone by playlists, etc. I enjoyed syncing unlistened podcasts to my phone, when I plugged it in every night (to get a backup, update apps, etc.) Kept the phone lean and I had everything backed up in a fantastic podcast library… HAD. Losing my podcast library is something for which I will never forgive Apple. NEVER. It’s as if Tim Cook broke into my house and stole a hard drive. Then laughed on the way out!!

    I wasn’t even bothered iTunes was where I went for iDevice backups. A lot of that was media, and I was happy I had one place to go, for all these things. Imagine having to use 6 or more apps to do all this! Disaster. If you ever get to do it at all, because the future-is-streaming and nobody gets a library of ANYTHING, it seems.

    I love/loved a good iTunes app, whatever it’s called. If there were a replacement, I’d jump at it, but there isn’t. Sadly among all the cries to deprecate iTunes, nobody seems to notice, it is going away SLOWLY, just as Aperture atrophied and was quietly put out of it’s misery. iTunes has been going away the way much of Apple stuff goes away… slowly and painfully, as if we might beg Apple to replace it (??). BUT, as we know, it doesn’t get REPLACED, something else comes along, not as good and likely linked to Apple’s industry famous SERVICES. LOSE-LOSE for customers.

    Surely Apple could put 2 people on iTunes and make-it-great-again…

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