If you’ve been thinking what you need in your life is Star Trek bourbon, you’re in luck because it’s available in your sector now. The James T. Kirk straight bourbon whiskey is Paramont-approved and made by Silver Screen Bottling Company. The whiskey is small batch from barrels aged between four and 12 years and is touted as “for the Star Trek fan and the serious bourbon fan alike.” You can pre-order a bottle now for delivery in October for US$59.99, which is $10 off the list price, or pick up a bottle at San Diego Comic Con. And drink responsibly because no one wants your starship to crash.

Check It Out: Captain Kirk Has His Own Bourbon

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  1. FCompton

    Well, judging by the re-boot movies, they’ve been drinking quite a lot of this stuff. Kirk never crashed his. Jean Luc managed to scrap, what two? (we won’t count the time loop ones!)

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