Check out this amazing video from Vanderbilt University about their new prosthetic ankle (via TechCrunch). Vanderbilt calls it smart, not because it’s connected, but because it adjusts on the fly, making it much easier to navigate uneven and rough terrain. According to the school, “The ankle has a tiny motor, actuator, sensors and chip that work together to either conform to the surface the foot is contacting or remain stationary, depending on what the user needs.” That’s just crazy cool, and the technology in this device could really make a qualitative difference in the lives of amputees and other people who need artificial legs. Plus, our future robot overlords will probably appreciate it, and it’s always good to try and get an inside edge with them. Check out the video.

Check It Out: Vanderbilt’s New Prosthetic Ankle Moves Artificial a Lot Closer to the Real Thing

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