Animoji on the iPhone X is pretty cool, but with just a handful of emoji faces to choose from it feels a little limited—plus it works only in the Messages app. FaceRig is an app that fixes those problems by giving you loads of characters to choose from, and you can unlock more through credits you earn by using the app. It uses the iPhone X’s facial tracking feature to do its magic, plus you can record videos to share with friends. You can choose from characters that animate in sync with your movement, or masks that overlay your face. FaceRig is free, and it’s already eating up too much of my time.

Check It Out: FaceRig is the Animoji You Wish Apple Made

FaceRig is the Animoji You Wish Apple Made

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  1. Jamie

    Actually, no, I wish Apple would spend less time on emojis and aping SnapChat than on their hardware and software. Seriously, folks: how does this help you in your life?

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