Google Photos Commercial Aims at iPhone Owners Who Need Storage

Google has a new spot poking at an issue affecting million of iPhone owners—not enough storage for photos and videos. Related: new 16GB iPhones shouldn’t be a thing in 2016. Oh, and I specify iPhone owners because the popup window at the heart of the ad’s gag is iOS. Besides, Google knows the best customers use iPhones. Anyhoo, Google has a solution for this problem, the Google Photos app. With this app, your photos and videos are uploaded to Google’s cloud storage (where Google then pilfers them for information it can sell to advertisers). The company left that parenthetical bit out of the ad, but the ad is really good.

One thought on “Google Photos Commercial Aims at iPhone Owners Who Need Storage

  • Free until they change there plan on you. Why would I want to when there is plenty of room in the iCloud and my information is not pilfered and plastered all over the web. Also if Google is advertising this as free just wait 6 months to a year and they will be asking for a lot of money for you to keep those photos up there. Every free storage cloud that I ever tried would do this so I gave up on all of them and will not take that free bait anymore. So everyone don’t fall for it or you will be sorry.

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