iOS 10 lets you block spam calls, but it isn’t as simple as flipping a virtual switch. You’ll need an app, like the free WhoCalls, to get started. Follow along with The Mac Observer’s video tip to learn how to get your iPhone set up.

Check It Out: iOS 10: How to Set up Spam Call Blocking on Your iPhone

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  1. Lee Dronick

    Hmmm, I couldn’t get the extension to work. I will wait a bit and see what other apps appear in the iTunes Store.

  2. Lee Dronick

    Block Caller works for those that don’t change their caller ID, but most do and do it often.

    The telephone service companies can stop this if they wanted to.

  3. dtm1

    I find just using Block Caller built into the iPhone works fine.

    I never answer unknown/blacked calls or numbers I don’t know or have in my iPhone. Then just block those calls. Works pretty easy. No need for another app on the iPhone taking up storage space.

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