‘iPad Main Menu’ Concept Reimagines App Settings

Alexander Käßner uploaded a concept video called iPad Main Menu. On Reddit he says it’s the result of a bachelor thesis. It introduces app menus that are accessible with an always-present icon on the dock, and/or a three-finger tap. It’s similar to the right-click menu we see on macOS. I love it because it gives you quick access to all app settings, which end up in different locations depending on the whim of the developer (hamburger menus notwithstanding). Main Menu is consistent.

The main menu is split into two columns. We find the most common actions on the left, such as cut/copy/paste, and app-specific features are on the right. Main Menu also works with a keyboard, so you “never lift a finger again.”

Update: Mr. Käßner also has a website for the concept here.

One thought on “‘iPad Main Menu’ Concept Reimagines App Settings

  • Andrew:

    I like this concept.

    Given the expanding and increasingly insistent interest and demand from the community, Apple will have little choice but to make iPadOS increasingly capable and productivity-enabled. Given how powerful Apple have made this machine (there’s no other tablet on the market that competes with it, and MS have long ago positioned the Surface Pro against the MBA and reminding people that the Mac has no touch screen), the headroom alone suggests a grander vision and a greater future for the iPad Pro.

    What Apple did with the iPad Pro 2018 reminds me of the Saturn V. Wernher von Braun built a rocket that was overpowered for the moon. That was because von Braun was not building it for the moon. He was already looking ahead to Mars, which is where he wanted to send the Saturn V.

    In a manner of speaking, Apple built the iPad Pro for Mars. Now all we need is an OS that can maximally exploit that power, and we’ll have lift off.

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