iPhone X Shipments Continue to Dominate

iPhone X Shipments Continue to Dominate

Was there ever any doubt? Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has been maintaining all along, since it shipped, that the iPhone X is the best selling iPhone. But it’s also killing the competition as well. Business insider reports: “Thanks to the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, recent estimates show that Apple once again holds the top two spots for the most-shipped smartphone models in the world, debunking reports that demand for the iPhone X was lacking.” And here are the numbers. Oh, and by the way, the iPhone 8 was #2 for 1Q 2018.  Not bad.

Check It Out: iPhone X Shipments Continue to Dominate

One thought on “iPhone X Shipments Continue to Dominate

  • “Was there ever any doubt”?!?!? Absolutely there was doubt from some of our favorite TMO posters. In fact, with iPhone dominating in 2018, I think a certain someone owes us Apple faithfuls an apology for his past insults!!

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