LAS VEGAS – Kensington is stepping up to the plate with their new Thunderbolt 3 dock for the Touch Bar MacBook Pro. Louie Yao shows its features to Jeff Gamet at CES 2017.

Check It Out: Kensington Thunderbolt 3 Dock at CES 2017

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  1. trussrigger

    One trend I dislike about all of these Thunderbolt 2 and 3 docks I’ve seen is they don’t ADD any Thunderbolt ports…I want multiple Thunderbolt ports, not just the one thru port and the additional USB, Ethernet, Audio, and Display ports.
    I have multiple Thunderbolt hard drives that each take a port to plug in, so I want a dock that will give me four Thunderbolt ports _in addition_ to the one I must use to plug into my Macbook.
    Is that too much to ask?


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