CES 2017 Wrap-up: Ellipse Bike Lock Is Smart and Solar Powered

CES 2017 Wrap-up: Ellipse Bike Lock Is Smart and Solar Powered

LAS VEGAS – Lattis unveiled the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock at CES last week. In addition to being app-controlled and having a programmable combination lock, this bike lock is solar powered. That makes batteries a non-issue as long as the device sees at least one hour of sunlight per week of usage. It has a built-in accelerometer which the app harnesses for crash alerts with HPS coordinates it can send out to a designated contact. The accelerometer is also used for theft detection alerts. Another nifty feature is the ability to give a friend access through a one-time code you can send out from the app. The shackle is made from chromoly steel, and the lock is substantial. I liked the fit and finish, and the “smart” functions seem to be smart, rather than an attempt to merely bolt an app onto a lock. The device is priced at US$199, and it’s available now.

Check It Out: CES 2017 Wrap-up: Ellipse Bike Lock Is Smart and Solar Powered

2 thoughts on “CES 2017 Wrap-up: Ellipse Bike Lock Is Smart and Solar Powered

  • I had the same experience. I paid, thinking I was ordering something. Then 2 weeks after, I realized it was a “Go Kick Me- Fund Starter, and I felt stupid. I tried to get My MoneyBack, but just received BSresponses. Everytime I saw a Facebook post from them I responded by calling them Scammers and Rip Offs. I did finally receive my Ellipse Lock on st. Patricks day, but I’m so disgusted with the company, I may not even try it. I might even put it on a bike in my Brooklyn neightorhood, just to photograph it after the bike has been stolen, and post it ….because NO LOCK is Theft Proof.

  • I ordered Lattis (originally Skylock) from Velo Laps in March of 2015. It is now February 2017 and I still have yet to receive it, so unfortunately I cannot weigh in on my thoughts and experiences.

    Furthermore, every time I inquire as to the status of my shipment, I get the runaround of how there are shipping delays and how it’ll “only be just a few more weeks!” Wall posts on Facebook are deleted immediately if they are negative, and I suspect that the name Lattis was switched from Skylock because of all of the negative feedback and dissatisfaction from the seemingly scam that Velo labs pulled – drum up a ton of support for a product and offer a nice discount for “Pre-Orders” when in actuality the product hadn’t even been created yet, prototypes wrought with flaws and malfunctions, all the while boasting, bragging, and self-promoting just to increase pre-sales to fund development of a product.

    It’ll be over two years for a product, when purchased in March of 2015, was anticipated to ship LATE SUMMER 2015.

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