LEGO Women of NASA Kit Coming on Nov 1

LEGO Women of NASA Kit Coming on Nov 1

LEGO is celebrating women’s contributions to modern science and space flight with a new set called Women of NASA. The kit was designed by science writer and editor Maia Weinstock, and chosen from LEGO’s Ideas fan-submitted projects. It includes Margaret Hamilton and Apollo Guidance Computer code books, Nancy Grace Roman and the Hubble space telescope, along with Sally Ride and Mae Jemison and the Space Shuttle Challenger. The vital role women play in scientific discovery and space flight is horribly underrepresented so it was awesome seeing this kit get the thumbs up in the Ideas program, and now get an official launch date. Woman of NASA includes 231 pieces and will be available on November 1st for US$24.99.

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One thought on “LEGO Women of NASA Kit Coming on Nov 1

  • I wish Lego would concentrate on its little plastic toys rather than preaching about gender and human rights. There are more women PhD’s graduating today than male. Let’s stop encouraging victimhood.

    Yet again, Mac Observer is treated like the personal political platform of Jeff rather than a Mac news site. This isn’t even about Apple products. What a boring article.

    In dictatorships, they offer entertainment, but it carries the party message within it. If you go see a play, it’s a little entertainment, and also spoonfeeds the audience political beliefs. How is this different? It’s insulting to come to an Apple news site and find DNC messaging about gender.

    Judge Judy recently gave an interview on Harvey Levin’s show “Objectified” and she was asked about equal pay for women. She said: “I hope not, because then I’d have to take a pay cut” because she makes more than any male in her field.

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