During this week’s Mac Geek Gab 679 we discussed how many people have emailed us asking for a macOS Sierra 10.12 installer download link… and no one can seem to find one. Searching the Mac App Store yields nothing and, thus far, there’s no Apple knowledgebase article with a link to it (Update: that KB article now exists). MGG Listener “Kirk van” came to the rescue with this Mac App Store download link to the macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Installer.

Check It Out: macOS Sierra 10.12 Installer Download Still Available on Mac App Store

macOS Sierra 10.12 Installer Download Still Available on Mac App Store

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  1. madcanadian

    I upgraded to High Sierra and it’s not playing nicely with my Late 2011 MacBook Pro and Photoshop 19 so I’m trying to go back to Sierra or El Capitan and I tried to download through the link and it downloaded it only to be told that my system won’t allow it as I have High Sierra installed. Is there a workaround or a site that has Sierra 10.12?

  2. vpndev

    One side note:- you can only download a previously-purchased version if it will run on your system.

    Yesterday I tried using my 2015 MBP to download El Capitan to install onto an old iMac. No way! Obviously it wouldn’t install, but App Store won’t even let you download. Very awkward.

  3. vpndev

    Is there a link also for the Sierra edition of “macOS Server” ?

    Or can we only get the new High Sierra one now? That’s “5.4” I think, and the Sierra one was “5.3”

    • Dave Hamilton

      Perfect. Thanks! When we researched this for MGG on Monday that KB article didn’t exist yet. Glad to know it’s now up!

  4. furbies

    Dave, is the link supposed to want to open in iTunes ?
    And also, the link is US centric ? (for those of us beyond the borders of the US, the link is of no value ?)

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