I’m newly obsessed with the Moon Light. It’s a 3D printed lamp that looks like the Moon when it’s lit up. Interestingly, it doesn’t look much like the Moon when it’s not lit. There are tons of videos on YouTube from folks, and those videos look pretty much like the company’s promotion pics. It has a warm light and cool light mode, and you can the light and intensity with a touch. It recharges via a USB port, too. It comes in multiple sizes, with the smallest—3.5-inches—coming with a ceramic hand for a base. The larger sizes, up to 7.3-inches in diameter, come on a wooden base. That largest model is $79.99 on TheApolloBox, but I found it on Amazon for $45.99. The 5.7-inch model is $29.99 on Amazon. It’s pretty cool!

Check It Out: 3D Printed Moon Light Lamp Looks Like the Moon

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