Check out Lunavity, a sort of wearable helicopter that’s supposed to help you jump. Right off the bat, I don’t believe in this product—it’s never, ever going to be a thing. But it’s cool. More importantly, it’s the kind of absurd product idea whose research could eventually lead to unimagined products and ideas sometime in the future. It’s also an innovative approach to tackling both mobility challenges and enhanced mobility, even if no one is going to wear one of these things around. Ever. In a million years. But check it out anyway!

Check It Out: This Wearable Helicopter Would Help You Jump

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  1. sed

    I think my cats would love an appropriately sized version so that they could chase birds and squirrels more effectively. If the video showed that, it would’ve gone viral on YouTube.

    As we all know, 80% of web content is cat videos.

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