Behold the Mitsubishi Fidget Spinner that Spins for a Record 24 Minutes

OK, confession: I love high-end fidget spinners. I have several, including my most recent, which is made from Tungsten. Fine. I’m a dork. Or an overgrown kid, whatever, I love these beautifully-machined mechanical devices. I got a 10 minute spin out of one of my spinners—once—and I’m giddy when I can get 8 minutes. Well, the folks at automobile, airplane, boat Japanese behemoth Mitsubishi would laugh at that because they made a spinner that claimed the new Guinness record of 24 minutes and 46.34 seconds, according to The Kids Should See This (via Gizmodo). That’s just crazy, and what’s crazier is that they had 50 (well-paid) people spend 6 months making it! Don’t worry, though, because you’ll be able to buy one of these puppies for about US$450. OK, I hear you, sure, that’s, like, a ton of money for a spinner, but I’ve seen vanity spinners that cost way more! One way or another, I think this is way cool, and kudos to the Mitsubishi Suits who held up a spinner with one finger for more than 20 minutes. That’s a long time to hold anything in a stationary position, but they would have gotten better spin times holding it vertical between two fingers, just saying.

Check It Out: Behold the Mitsubishi Fidget Spinner that Spins for a Record 24 Minutes

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