It’s called Manbang. No, seriously. It’s called Manbang. NK News is reporting that’s what North Korea is calling some kind of pseudo-Netflix-like simulacrum of a service. Manbang. The Next Web reported that it means “Everything” in Korean. I assume that’s as true as it is ironic, because the service is limited to whatever propaganda constitutes video content in North Korea. And sure, breaking down into a puddle of lols because of what it sounds like in English makes me 12. I’m OK with that. Oh, and I’m pretending the text below translates as “Manbang.” Because Manbang.

Check It Out: North Korea Unveils Netflix-Like Service Called Manbang, Seriously

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  1. d'monder

    Was seeing some playground bathroom humor here as well… until I noticed them claiming South Korea on the map.

  2. geoduck

    Oh God I’m laughing so hard. I mean tears from laughing. There is no part of this that isn’t beyond ridiculous.

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