The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro may be functional, but it can be fun, too. Henry Franks makes that point perfectly with his Pac-Man clone, called Pac-Bar, for the Touch Bar. It’s just like the classic arcade game, complete with Pac-Man and his “wokka-wokka” munching sound, ghosts, and music. The maze is a little limited since you can only go left or right, although the intersections do jump you to either end of the Touch Bar. You’ll need to use your MacBook Pro’s arrow keys to play—sorry, no touch controls here. Click the Clone or download button on Henry’s Github page get Pac-Bar.

Check It Out: Play Pac-Man on your MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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  1. Kodac

    dhp – juperl, I was sure your sentence was going end, “people still want to play Pac-Man.”

    Of course they do! I guess you don’t have a Retro Arcade in your town? Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, and Asteroids are in heavy use here …

  2. juperl

    I love that even today, as high tech and polished, as things have become — people still tinker and come up with such cool stuff!

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