Photolemur Promises AI-Powered Automated Photo Editing

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Check out Photolemur, a newish app for Mac and PC. The developers claim it’s using artificial intelligence/machine learning to do automated photo editing, as demonstrated in the video below. A single user license is $30, and there’s a trial version available, too. Bob LeVitus looked at it back in January, but I thought this new video from the company was compelling.

Check It Out: Photolemur Promises AI-Powered Automated Photo Editing

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  1. ziploc

    Signs of the End of Humanity – One of the “benefits” splashed across the screen in this video “NO LEARNING” 🙁

  2. Jamie

    At this point, anything like this that makes claims of ‘AI’ is basically referring to an automated algorithm, which is essentially a filter without the benefit of user input. No, thank you. 😉

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