Pokémon GO Already the Most Downloaded iPhone App Ever

Pokémon GO Already the Most Downloaded iPhone App Ever

Pokémon GO launched in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand only a couple weeks ago and it’s already the most download title on Apple’s App Store ever. More countries have been getting in on the game since then, and with Japan launching Pokémon GO today it’s a safe bet downloads are going to just keep climbing. That popularity is no doubt translating into big bucks for Nintendo and Apple thanks to in-app purchases, and also potentially slimer waist lines for players who’re getting off their couches and roaming the streets looking for Bulbasaur and Pikachu to catch. If Pokémon GO’s downloads are any indication, we really do have to catch ’em all.

Check It Out: Pokémon GO Already the Most Downloaded iPhone App Ever

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  • STOP Pokemon Go”:

    Via his listserve emailings, & on his website ( https://www.alfranken.com/landing/e160721/?subsource=ngpattre160721b ), Sen. Al Franken has called for public pressure on Nintendo/Niantic to clarify what personal security threats Pokemon Go may constitute:

    “When you sign into the app, you give Niantic permission to access a lot of personal information. And while you’re out trying to catch a Pikachu, Niantic could be peeking at your contacts or your location and sharing it with others.

    Right now, there is no meaningful way for parents to give explicit consent on the app. Parents must contact Niantic in order to opt their children out of data collection, rather than opting in. Niantic states it can share information with third parties, but doesn’t outline who or why.

(Consequently) Al Franken has sent a letter to Niantic, the makers of the popular Pokémon GO application, asking for clarification of their privacy policies — especially as it relates to data collection involving underage users.
    Urge Niantic to answer Al’s important privacy questions. Add your name at:

    & Before you sign on again, Pokémon-STOP a minute and call on Niantic to provide some answers on these important privacy issues.”

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