It’s been a while since a quality QuarkXPress book came out, so my long time friend and graphic design expert Jay Nelson stepped up to the plate with a QuarkXPress for Dummies. Jay explains print and digital publishing workflows, color management, image resolution, fonts, output formats, and more. He also explains the evolution of QuarkXPress, which is great for understanding how it went from being the premier desktop publishing tool to the more specialized product it is today. QuarkXPress for Dummies is available now on Amazon for US$34.99.

Check It Out: Hey Quark Fans, Check Out QuarkXPress for Dummies

Hey Quark Fans, Check Out QuarkXPress for Dummies

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  1. furbies

    Set the wayback machine Mr Peabody

    Remember back when Quark cost the same as a second mortgage and your left kidney, and your first born……
    And then they mugged you on the way past as you purchased the next major iteration, even when you were eligible for a discount on the upgrade….

  2. CudaBoy

    Awwwwwww, good ol’ Quark. I often wonder what happened to it. I remember when it was THE standard but now the largest trade shops here in L.A. and elsewhere use InDesign for “collecting” or imposition.

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