With millions of unique quiz questions and thousands of topics, QuizPursuit is one of the best trivia games out there. With this fun and engaging quiz game, you can enhance your knowledge, while having a fun trivia game experience. And with the Levels feature you can boast to your friends about your expertise in your chosen topics of interest. Play this quiz game by yourself or invite and challenge friends for a fun round of trivia. No matter what your topic of interest is, we’ve got you covered. Choose from thousands of interesting topics, including sports, entertainment, science, and general trivia. The more questions that you answer on a particular topic, the higher the levels you reach. What’s more is that you win nuggets to advance through levels. You can use these nuggets to wager with your friends in challenges. You can double your wagered nuggets by winning the challenges. App Store: Free

Check It Out: Test Your Knowledge With Quiz Pursuit Trivia App

Test Your Knowledge With Quiz Pursuit Trivia App

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  1. Soniya Bajaj

    Few of the aforementioned apps look good. You can also add The Quizopedia app to the list of good quiz platforms for school kids and is also interesting.

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