Remembering Stan Lee: An App Store Story

Remembering Stan Lee: An App Store Story

Legendary comic book writer Stan Lee passed away yesterday. Apple is featuring a story in the Today section of the App Store called Remembering Stan Lee. Today Apple celebrates Mr. Lee’s legacy with apps and games featuring his iconic crimefighters in all their masked glory. On the app side, we see Marvel Unlimited, Marvel: Color Your Own, comiXology, and Olli by Tinrocket. In the game section we see Marvel Contest of Champions, Marvel Strike Force, Marvel Battle Lines, and Marvel Avengers Academy. Finally, the story notes that Mr. Lee served in the Army during WWI, and two apps in this section include Sandboxx, to send a letter to service members, and Apple Books.

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  • This is sad news of Jobsian proportions. The highlight of the deadly dull comic movies of late was Stan’s cameo. REALLY going to miss that. Hope they have a digital Stan, because if I have to watch one of these movies with my friends, I need something to look forward to. His genius and body of work speak for themselves, just not the movies, for me at least.

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